Society – As One Lost

Rarely do I find myself writing anything in poetry format. So odd that it was exactly the way my first thoughts on this site formed themselves.

Writing from the perspective of society in all its misery, so far a fall from grace that it is, and some reflection on the general state of it all.

Societal Disease

Somewhere lost between time and space, a small angel basks in grace.
Far beyond the turmoil here, distant as the mountains near.
Peers down in wonder and dismay, how has the world gotten there,
To that place of sad disgrace, from its high-up resting place.
Clambering higher and prouder, stepping on sister and father,
Agape stare the selfless few, amid this vicious roiling landscape.
Far adrift of goodly deeds, neighbors suffer on their knees,
Somewhere found in current day, humankind lives as the new disease.

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