Steve Jobs – 1955 to 2011

For all you failed at, for all you achieved. Every mistake was just a turn in the road, every new concept just the tip of the iceberg.

You stood for something important, you never let creativity take a backseat. You changed the world, and connected us.

Steve Jobs.

Thank you Steve. You’ll be missed.

1 thought on “Steve Jobs – 1955 to 2011”

  1. now that the Iphone5 has been released today on september 21st of 2012 i know that steve jobs would be very proud of the apple store that he had put his dedication and hard work and i thank him alot even though that i never got the chance to meet him there was no opportunity but the apple store has made this world a better place and easier world so i wish you all the best and this one is for you we all miss you and love STEVE JOBS <3 RIP 1955-2011

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