Society Reaches a Breaking Point

Since I’ve been ranting for ages that the government has been bought and paid for by corporations, private interests, and individual agendas… I’m very glad to see that the rest of the country is starting to at least entertain the idea.

Lovely to not be just a paranoid delusional anti-corporate conspirator anymore. Wait wait… if everyone else has started getting on board… oh no… does that mean I’m ‘trendy’ now?? Horrifying. Nightmarish. I just had visions of some trendy tweeny pop star wearing a ‘99%’ tee-shirt and running a new brand of anti-corporate makeup. *shudder*

Michael Sanchez, Jr. displays a flag Oct 6, 2011 at an Occupy San Antonio rally at Travis Park.

All potential nightmares aside… I think there are some people finally starting to get a clue that the country is run on money. Not tax dollars: private money, borrowed money, promised money, and favors that equal money. Even our President who campaigned on many well principled ideas, one of which was that money should not elect people and advocating massive campaign finance reform… announced that for his re-election he wanted to reach a heretofore unheard of campaign finance goal of 1 billion dollars. Hearing that made me feel ill.

It’s not just our incompetent government, it’s at all levels, thoroughly permeated into the system, a rampant disease in the form of money, a corporate infection of greed, contagious feelings of entitlement. Feelings that have affected and effected our entire societal devolution into this self-absorbed and barely recognizable version of ourselves. Turning Americans into money hungry, power grasping, greedy beings who feel the need to coat themselves in their ‘things’ in order to show their strength.

It’s not our best face, we’re more than this.

I hope the movement makes an impact. Occupy Wall Street, the 99%, whomever you are and whatever you call yourselves, I’m glad you’re standing up for change.

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