I’m So Sleepy

Being narcoleptic can, at times, really be annoying. I’m not the worst narco on the planet – definitely not what most people see on TV – but it can still make me nuts.

Despite my more mild version of the sleep disorder, there are times when it is worse than others. The last few months have been one of those times where I’ve been struggling with it more than normal. Funny that I actually didn’t know I even had narcolepsy until I was diagnosed in my teens, despite the fact that as a child I had classic symptoms.

Sleep hallucinations (shadowy figure) and chest heaviness (them leaning on my chest) upon waking. I started sleep walking and talking as a young child, and had many times when I performed auto-behaviors or full tasks for people while completely asleep. In my early 20’s I discovered I had trouble with highway hypnosis after repeated incidents of having ‘woken up’ dozens of miles past where I last remember seeing. Of course, that prompted some drastic driving changes for me (I no longer drive long distances alone and I don’t drive even close to my sleeping time.). I also have some issues with body stiffening in response to emotional activities – for instance, earlier this year a nightmare scared me so badly that I had to have help ‘unlocking’ my body because I couldn’t move. Very rare for me, but it happens.

A midday nap for a couple of hours has helped keep me sane for the last many years. However, now I’m finding that I’m tired on top of that. Dozing off at whatever I’m doing (actually dozed off twice at this point in the article). I’ve been awake since about 7am and it’s only just after noon, but I’m exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open. (Three.)

I drink coffee (Four) and try to do my best w/ taking naps and keeping myself organized. It’s still not working. Of course, I’m just not (Five! ><) willing to take medication for a sleepiness that I can control 95% of the time by being careful and stubborn. I do, however, have many things I’m getting behind on that I’d like to catch up on.

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