Influences of Religion

I was reading an interesting article this morning that had me commenting on my own views of religion as it relates to an influence on society. In this case, we’re talking about positive influences that outweigh negative ones.

The article was actually a recollection of a conversation about religious belief, church support, and the modernizing of society into this nasty consumerist creature. The general premise is that we should support Christianity, or even more generally the belief in a God, because it also brings with it a reverence of things beyond the material (such as philosophy, art, music, etc..).

It’s a very good writing, and goes much in hand with my beliefs that religion should be furthered for its societal influences in the areas of moral behavior, delinquency, criminality, and punishment. In a nutshell, my view is that religion is another legal system, without which people feel capable of committing atrocities which may be legal, may be illegal, but are certainly immoral.

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