Favorite Lines from the RNC

I watched most of the Republican convention and there were some amazing and powerful stories told. Stories that should have reminded everyone who watched of exactly what stuff this country is made.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that I think the message has been heard by those who believe that Obama is the modern savior.

The RNC.

I think many of them are too blinded by ‘the halo’ (thank you, Artur Davis, for that one) to see clearly and objectively. Yet, should we be surprised? Conservatives, perhaps more than most people, tend to know and love their history. History that is ripe with colorful characters, and tells a story that we ought to closely take note of, whether it has acted for good or evil, and what we should learn from it. Our history as a world should have us know more about socialism than anything else, since it is a continual threat to our way of life.

Again I ask, should we be surprised, knowing history as we do, that in the midst of a rising leader claiming to have the solution to all ills, claiming to have the magic pill for equality and fairness, professing insight into the one true path to prosperity… should we be surprised that so many people have fallen under this spell? That so many people are blinded by the halo and the Heaven on Earth being preached to them? No. Sadly no, we should not be surprised, because we have seen this before. We have seen people believe, people who are good people, start to believe that this leader can solve all their problems. People who need to believe, because their faith is shaken in their country, family, friends, government, or God, this leader gives them something to believe in.

Perhaps particularly susceptible to these ideas are those with little personal faith in God (any God for that matter) because they seek a replacement on Earth instead. No doubt they would object to such a statement, even claim insult by it, but whether or not they see it, they replace God with man in politics just as they replace God with science in other areas. They have the same urges we all do, they want to place such trust in a savior, find faith in mankind, have such hope for humanity… driven all by the same urge that takes many of us to God, yet they place it in a man instead. And when this man says to them, “Give me what you have, and trust me to provide for you as my children and my family”, they want to believe he will like a benevolent ruler, caring for them as the shepherd cares for his flock.

The lure is only greater, because some of these leaders truly have a vision of goodness, and believe they would be kind leaders. These men who rise from time to time often believe they really do have the best interests of people at heart. And sometimes they do, sometimes they do. The term benevolent dictator doesn’t come from nothing. Yet, we also know, as history has taught us, that it is only a matter of WHEN, not a matter of IF, a leader comes to power in a socialist society who does not have the good of the people in mind. A leader drunk on power, corruptible, callous, and vicious when pressed. This is inevitable when you place your faith in man, fallible as he is.

The socialism that is preached by the current halo-wearing man of power, Obama, is the same as the socialism of the past. It is an idea that sounds tempting, fair, and kind to all. Yet it is an idea which works only in theory, for we see time and again, that when the people hand over all the power to a central power, it is only a matter of time before a leader rises who will abuse that power. That leader will be like a thief in the night, they will not appear to be what they are, they will profess altogether differently than they believe, and when they hold the reigns of power, you will see who they truly are.

Oh of a certainty, Obama does not seem to that secret iron-fist I speak of, but the way he is changing the country, starting from the left and moving right, conditioning people toward socialist views, sets the foundation for that inevitable time in the future, when one does come to power and we find ourselves controlled by some dictator, and start wondering how it was we got there.

That is not the country we are. We are unique in this world, and the temptation to succumb to the allure of an ‘easier’ and ‘safer’ life where we are taken care of if only we hand over a little bit here, and another little bit there… parts of who we are, parts of what make us strong, things that make us independent… that temptation is strong in many people. Particularly those who do not know their history so well.

So after such a long and rambling journey, I’ve arrived at the end, and a few lines I heard at the RNC which struck a powerful note to me as I was thinking about how it is that we keep ourselves free in the face of this threat. Here they are:

A country where everything is free but us. — Paul Ryan

You know there is something wrong with the kind of job he has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. — Mitt Romney

These are tired, and old, big-government ideas that have failed everywhere and every time they’ve been tried. These are ideas that people come to America to get away from. – Marco Rubio

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