Middle Eastern Chaos & Ostritch Reactions

As of the last time I checked the news, there are anti-American protestors in 20 countries around the world, some countries having multiple protests. These are not, as anyone who has turned on the news recently would know, happening in a peaceful manner. They are violent and destructive gatherings of hundreds to thousands of angry mobs.

This all began on 9/11 when two attacks were conducted within a short period of hours. The initial attack was in Egypt, for which we now know there was warning (if the fact that they showed up with black Al Qaeda-like flags wasn’t enough to give the indication that it wasn’t spontaneous). A second attack in Libya which resulted in the assassination of an American ambassador and 3 other Americans. We are told that the second attack was a highly organized operation with two groups of men laying out fire upon the targets. They continued the assault for hours and showed up geared out with rocket launchers and assault weapons.

This is not an attractive look for America.

If this were looked at by itself, people would probably start saying that the initial attack was a diversionary tactic. If people were to consider the evidence that the assault on the Libyan ambassador was clearly planned, they would see it as the terrorist attack that it was. If we were to wonder about the black Al Qaeda-like flags being carried in Egypt, the chanting of ‘Bin Laden,’ and the fact that it was the 11th anniversary of September the 11th… well we might just have a hard time believing it was all a coincidence.

Except for a big, diversionary, and apparently welcome red herring. The part where they claim it was all about a video, and our government, the majority of our media, and the media in many countries in the world – all decide to believe them.

Somehow we are to believe that this is a reaction to a movie trailer video on YouTube. A video which is, by the way, so horrifically terrible that it looks like the intro to some Leslie Nielson comedy spoof. Sit through one whole minute of the video, and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t suppose it’s possible that anyone considered that when the Al Qaeda forces were rallying protestors to side with them that they told them it was about something other than it was really about. That when they set up their cannon-fodder that it always works out better if they are there willingly. Well I doubt people want to question things, apparently these days we think Al Qaeda and their followers are nothing but honest and trustworthy since we buy into their story so easily.

I suppose this speaks volumes about the psychological state of our country. That we so desperately want to believe that we aren’t still dealing with Al Qaeda, that so many people so earnestly wanted to believe that when Obama claimed Bin Laden was dead that it was over, that people want to think he was doing the right thing when Obama decided to empower the Muslim Brotherhood in this Arab-Spring experiment of ‘nation building,’ and that in order to continue to dwell in that fantasy of safety and security, we are willing to do something quite miserable. We are willing to scapegoat a citizen of our country who was guilty only of exercising his right to free speech, on an American website, while living in an America that supposedly still protects that right. His name is in the press all over the world. He’s in hiding, no surprise – unable to live freely in the open in his own country for fear of violent attack.

Yet we continue to apologize for his video to the world, and thereby the fact that our country cherishes this right to freedom of speech. Not merely by the retracted statements of the first response to the Egyptian gathering, but by the inferences clearly in the statements coming from the administration, to the most recent American Sudanese ambassador who was again apologizing for this video.

This is, in a word, pathetic.

Are we so downtrodden, so full of misery and hate for ourselves that we are willing to standby and watch as Al Qaeda rallies followers from 20 countries around the world, and still choose to pull down the rose-colored glasses and pretend it’s not happening? Are we so foolish a people as to think that will do anything but incite them to further action?

A show of weakness is not going to solve our problems with Al Qaeda. These people speak the language of violence, they have bred a culture of warring nations on that for thousands of years. Al Qaeda has brought us into their war, and we will have to fight with them each time they try to overreach, or until one of us is too weakened to continue.

We cannot choose weakness, we must not continue to deny reality or we will lose our window of opportunity to deal with this uprising before it becomes a unified and strengthened force. We have to stop pretending.

There were some protestors on earlier, and they said something that I think should be repeated over and over in our media until people understand what it means and why it is important to pay attention and hear it. The chant went like this: “Obama, Obama… We are all Osama.”

Now is the time to wake up.

UPDATE – Its been a week or so and it seems as though the left-leaning media and the White House have finally caught up with the rest of us and are realizing that this was planned. Go figure. Of course, not only do they ‘know’ this now, they are responding with this annoying childish attitude that says ‘well, duh, of course, it was obvious all along’ despite the numerous videos people could show of them saying the opposite a week ago. Ah well, vehement protestations in the week previous apparently are quickly forgotten as we are no suddenly enlightened with this news from on high. Sad sad sad times when right-leaning half the country had a better understanding of foreign policy from the comfort of their armchairs than the White House and most of the press corp had from a much better vantage point. If this is all it takes to have ‘foreign policy experience’ then that argument clearly needs to be removed from the candidate debate.

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