Apparently there is a new product for sale in the Obama online store, a flag print with a definitely different twist. Instead apparently Obama is such a big ‘star’ we only need him on the whole flag. Not to mention it’s missing a few stripes too.

Now, I know, I know. A lot of people just consider it a flag. A drawing in this case, but one not done by a random fan – this one is actually on the main campaign site being sold. UPDATE – The product is no longer in the online store. Whether that is due to the negative press received or because the attention caused them to sell out to the people who want to live in an ObamAmerica, who knows. 

The flag of ObamAmerica.

I can’t help it, the moment I saw it I flinched. It OFFENDS me.

Our flag is what our soldiers swear to protect. Our flag is what flies high to announce our dominion over our land and tells our enemies to think twice. Our flag is what is carried into war and what comes home to mourning family members afterward. Each and every part of our flag means something specific, the dimensions are precise and they all represent some part of us and our history.

So yes, I am offended by the fact that they are officially selling this, but not just because it defiles the very meaning behind our flag – but because of the meanings it infers.

I can’t help but notice that the individual sovereign states of America stars have been replaced by one thing: Obama.

Isn’t that a rather terrifying notion if it isn’t accidental.


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