LibyaGate is Growing

Thank goodness there is some real attention being brought to the lies about the YouTube video that I wrote about weeks ago. It is so offensive to me that our President, his spokesman Carney, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and others all went on national television to claim that a video was responsible for what happened in Libya and how much we disavow it.

We even spent money on ads in Pakistan saying that we weren’t responsible for the video. Unbelievable how quickly we throw free speech to the wind. Wonderful for a free speech nation that our leaders have arrested the guy who made the video, blamed uprisings around the world on him, and generally used him as a scapegoat to avoid admitting that we have been attacked by terrorists.

Oh sure, there are some people out there who think the video was the reason and that nothing was being covered up. There will always be some people who cannot handle the idea of us being attacked and stick their heads in the sand. On the other hand, I am part of a growing group of people who believe that this was covered up intentionally so that it would not draw attention to the poor foreign policy situation that our country is in under this President, and that during this election season it will not be brought up.

Remember the often used quote from Ben Franklin when asked what kind of government he had given them and he says ‘A Republic, if you can keep it.’ Those words are of great importance to us every day, but particularly in these times when our government is trampling upon so many of our basic freedoms, and we have to ask ourselves what will we do to keep our Republic as it was.

I ran across this video and thought the passion he had for the issue was wonderful. I wish we had more representatives like this.

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