Four More Years

The numbers are in and Obama gets another term in office. The people have made their choice, and we have to live with it for at least four more years.

The easiest way to explain my feelings seeing the numbers coming through was a feeling of loss and remorse, but not anger. No the anger came later, and it wasn’t so much anger as intense frustration.

I think the only reason I wasn’t throwing a total pity party fit is probably because I believe that things happen for a reason. I don’t believe in mistakes or coincidence, because even if something appears to be one it is only because we cannot yet see either the cause which made it happen, or the effect which it will create.

Romney Concedes.

So understanding that I think that Obama is dangerous for our country, why do I feel it happened for a reason? I believe that God doesn’t allow a bad to take place unless there is a greater good which may come of it, or to prevent a worse fate.

That means clearly that either Romney winning would have somehow ended up being a worse fate (which I doubt, but cannot be sure of) or there is some good which will come from Obama running the country for a few more years. For that option, the only thing I can think of is that perhaps it will become clear to people who are blinded by his smile that his policies are having a negative effect on our country, or maybe enough things will happen to make people see that he is willing to oppress any group which doesn’t fall into line with his far left ideas, or … well, I could guess at this for days but there is no point. We’ll have to see what happens.

So at first I was sad that we lost, and I still am somewhat, but I know that there was a reason and we just haven’t seen it yet.

Beyond that, the frustration begins, and that is harder to deal with.

It is always hard to prevent yourself from mentally assigning blame in some direction, whether it is wanting to scream at the people who voted for Obama, or cursing the school system for churning out so many people who are inadequately educated about basic economics and foreign policy, or feeling tempted to get angry when seeing people who claim to be fellow religious folks voting for the most pro-abortion candidate in history. It is always harder to control the more angry side of things, but I’m doing my best because I know without a doubt that aside from all the bile I may feel roiling around, the real blame is all on us conservatives.

Conservatives have a good message, we have a strong standpoint, but we do a terrible job of ‘selling’ our views to people.

We have to get better and quickly.  There are too many females and Hispanics who are turned off by what they perceive as the callous nature of conservatives. They don’t respond well to the way we are painted by liberals, that is, as people who believe everyone is on their own and should never get a helping hand offered to them because it is about survival of the fittest.

It’s total malarkey, of course, but it’s what a lot of them believe. I should know, I have quite a few in my family tell me this regularly. Even if we need a two minority ticket next time, one Hispanic and one female, then that’s what we need to do, but we have to show people that we are not the white male only party who hates everyone else. We should not give up our positions, but we should learn how to explain them better.

We need to learn how to articulate our beliefs in a way that makes it easily understandable, and so that when the liberal side tries to paint us into an uncaring box again, it just doesn’t fit because people understand our view isn’t what they claim.

We need to learn from this loss quickly or we will continue to lose by a greater and greater margin.

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