The Democratic party needs the poor

A few days back I was having a chat with my just barely right of center but still Democrat mother about the voting block of the Democratic party. I was wondering about the demographics for voting purposes. The Democratic party is, largely, very dependent on an extremely poor and undereducated voting group made of minorities.

What I was wondering was  – if they actually improve their lot in life, don’t they become the ‘evil’ rich enemy? Isn’t it in the natural voting benefit of the Democratic party for the voting base to remain the voting demographic that it is? What happens if people start moving up and out of poverty and gaining an education? Do they no longer find a relevant voice for them in the Democratic party that has become very anti-wealth, anti-business, and generally spiteful of anyone who has more?

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I’ve been mulling this over and I just don’t know how they get out of that cycle. Sure there is a fair argument that some people will improve their lots (whether by Democratic help or just through their own initiative) and there might be some who will credit that to the Democratic party and ally to them for life. However, I think there would be a majority who, when actually walking in the shoes of a more wealthy person with higher taxes, or being that business owner who can’t afford to hire more workers or take a chance on expansion, they will start to feel attacked by their own party.

I know I did.

I used to consider myself a Democrat, but the Democratic party and its extreme views on abortion pushed me away. I finally decided to learn more about what conservatives believed, and I found out that I was actually a lot more conservative than I ever was a Democrat. Funny thing is, I think many Hispanics would agree if they could get a halfway decent explanation of what conservatives actually believe, but that’s another conversation.

My point is that I think it is worth considering how the Democrats will respond to ‘wealth’ or ‘privilege’ or ‘good education’ when it is coming from a Democrat who improved their position. Do they just give up that voter or try to appeal to the rich too? Honestly, I think they know most won’t improve and so it is more of a gain to continue the fixation on the rich as the bad people and feed the violent envy of the wealthy that drives so much of the negativity toward them.

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