Obama the Divider

Obama is, like another recently movie popular president, willing to use his sacred cows to drive a wedge between the country without regard to the fact that it is pushing each side farther to the opposite edges and closer to a modern civil war. I’m of the opinion generally that Lincoln is severely overrated, particularly if you know the economic reasons for the abolition of slavery having very little to do with any high morality. Not that I approve of slavery, merely that I think Lincoln used the premise of a moral objective to advance a very different one and resulted in breaking our country in half.

Portrait by Ron English.

I’m sure most modern Democrats will probably take my comparison of him to Lincoln as a compliment. Then again, most modern Democrats are painfully under-educated and a small minority of them are painfully over-educated by people who shouldn’t be allowed to teach.

I was a lifelong Democrat. I voted for Obama the first time, and I’ve watched the left turn into the most radical intolerant version of itself I’ve ever seen.

For example, just a couple of presidents ago pro-life Democrats (like myself) were common, now its party platform to support abortion. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson… all started off as pro-life. Or maybe gay marriage, where just a few years ago Obama was not a supporter of it and before that Clinton didn’t support it. Now it’s part of the Democratic party push. Not to mention fiscal issues… God… the Clinton administration was a hallmark of a balanced budget, but many forget that Clinton took almost all of the Republican recommendations to cut taxes and reduce spending in order to achieve it – not so strange a thing since it has generally been recognized that Republicans are very financially capable and Democrats are very socially capable. Today we see zero utilization of Republican financial skills as a tool and just spend out of control because the left doesn’t want to work with the right at all.

On so many issues the Democrats have become far left liberal and it’s just a massive turnoff to those of us who were more middle ground to start with. I don’t even feel like I left my party, I feel like it disappeared, turned into some riled up monstrosity that wants to adopt the most radicalized version of every issue all in the name of ‘progress’ even though progress just apparently means whatever is new, trendy, or seems like it has less rules involved. Funny how during the first four years I started hearing Jeff Goldblum over and over in my head when he says in Jurassic Park… “They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Part of me wonders whether or not we actually proved the Mayan superstitions false by surviving, because we’re certainly doing a great job of driving ourselves off a cliff – not just fiscally, but morally, civically, and definitely politically.

On a lighter note, this site has a list of hilariously written Lincoln-Obama Coincidences.

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  1. I believe civil war (or something equivalent to it) is the intentional plan. The communist oligarchy (or whatever our government has become) creates the problems, even to the point of destruction, to embolden their images as saviors to protect us from the very atrocities they incite.

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