Two WWII vets carrying torn down police tape

A tale of political posturing

The current news is being completely bombarded with news articles about the Congressional standoff over budget issues and Obamacare and subsequent government shutdown. So much so that I thought about not even writing down my thoughts, merely from a level of personal mental exhaustion related to this topic. I’m sick of it, so I’ve decided to write but keep it short.

I dislike what is going on in Congress right now, and I think both political parties are just as bad as the other, but it takes two to create a stand-off. Both sides are making this into news headlines that claim its the others fault. Well I suppose that’s a lot easier to do than accept that you hold half the blame for the situation.

Two WWII vets carrying torn down police tape

I strongly support a universal health care program – just not this one. I do not support a system that is one giant reward given to the unethical and exploitative health insurance industry. This way they now get to operate their businesses with an entire country of people federally mandated to buy from them or face penalties. I don’t even have to get into the other reasons I have problems with it – that first one is enough. I don’t believe any governmental law should require someone to do business with a private corporation.

I strongly object to blackmail-style demands for extension of the debt-ceiling, particularly when it is coupled with fear mongering tactics geared toward the aged and the ignorant. I think the financial solutions to our system are not being used because they would endanger corporate relationships, which affects campaign money for politicians on both sides. If there was greater awareness of how the relationship works between tax money, the FED, and government spending… I believe people would be outraged regardless of their political leanings.

Finally, I strongly object to ‘pork’ in bills, and behavior that likes to pretend everyone is in agreement in order to fulfill an agenda. I particularly dislike it when issues, which are up for debate among the public, are slipped into bills or added in as decisions a certain agency gets to make without public input or approval. That includes either side, and whether or not it is Obamacare being attached by Republicans to discussions of debt-ceiling extensions or Democrats attaching rights to the HHS agency which allows them to mandate that employers pay for birth control and morning after pills regardless of their beliefs on those issues.

All those things aside, and back to the main issue, I’m sick of the way news articles have completely embraced partisan based, opinion heavy, headlines. The issue is about both parties, not one or the other.

The Republicans need to only be discussing Obamacare as a fiscal issue, along with other fiscal issues of waste, wrong estimates, spending beyond estimations, and auto-withdrawals from the treasury as related to debt-ceiling increases.

The Democrats need to start considering cuts to programs seriously because we cannot continue to borrow more and more money forever and ‘balanced-budget’ isn’t an evil concept.

The issue is about the debt ceiling, which means the conversation needs to be about budgeting. This is only an issue because the government keeps spending more than the allocated budget for the periods and driving us further and further into debt.

Instead of actually discussing the problem (go figure, that would be too easy), both sides are trying to capitalize on the government shutdown for political posturing. Even on the same media stories.

Let me give an example. The WWII Memorial has been closed off in response to the government shutdown. The problem is that the Memorial stays open even on government holidays when there is no one there.

It does not have gates and they had to bring in portable gates and piece them together to block it off.

This was special ordered by the White House and they even took special park police off furlough to guard it. Because apparently they can afford to pay people to keep it closed but not keep it open.

In addition, the government has no legal right to deny citizens access to a monument or national park because they are owned by the citizens communally. The government has been designated the role of caretaker, by the citizens, and in the event that the citizens do not fund the functions of the caretaker, the ownership and care-taking responsibilities revert to the citizens entirely. It is not blockaded from the rightful owners.

However, regardless of how illegal and unethical this move may have been, it is being capitalized upon by both sides as proof of their righteousness.

The Right:

The Left:

From both perspectives, it’s the other sides fault.

From both perspectives, the other side is evil.

From both perspectives, the other side refuses to negotiate and stubbornly demands full compliance.

To see that right side you primarily have to go to independent news sites, and to see the left side you just have to turn on mainstream media.

Despite some places threatening to arrest vets if they show up to their memorials, the vets would not be stopped and have succeeded in getting access in most cities.

By the by, I don’t blame the parks service for this. They have been caught in the middle of this fight the same way the vets did. They are not to blame, in fact, many park police refused to stop veterans even when they were told to by the administration.

This has been a shameful exploitation of our veterans for the purposes of political maneuvering and the story has been bent and twisted in all possible ways to benefit each side.

In the end, we have to face the fact that communication is at a complete standstill. Offers of compromise between sides are artificial at best, and pretty rewording of the same ultimatums at worst.

In most circumstances the President would mediate between the parties, but apparently ours is busy putting up gates in front of men in wheelchairs. I guess that leaves it up to us all to write our congressional representatives and tell them what we want them to do.

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