Viral video: Rock Climbing Toddler

This video has gone viral lately, with people split between praise at the early ability and horror at the lack of a harness. This video is a good version because it starts panned back enough that you can see the pink balloon floor underneath the child.

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Liberty Beats: The Unconventional Generation

Great video on the new Libertarian generation.


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Meat Glue? Who knew!

If you’ve been wary of ground beef not being fully cooked, due to higher risks of disease from the combined meat of different animals… now you have something new to look askance at.

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Omar Sharif – 1932 to 2015

Brilliant, emotionally provocative, handsome actor.

A leading man who wasn’t American… so very unique.

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The TSA’s 12 Signs You Might Be a Terrorist

The more time goes on, the more the TSA becomes a fascist joke.
From ReasonTV

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Do You Know How to Peel a Mango? Probably not like this.

This guy has some serious talent.

The worst part of those things is the giant pod in the middle, I can see that biting off one of those petals would make it sooooo much easier.

Mangoes, you've been doing them wrong by MapleBaumann

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