Someone said to me, once upon a time, “What makes you think your opinion matters in this big mean world?” I remember responding with a smile “Every opinion matters, especially the odd ones.”

Yes, this is a drawing.

My point was simple, the world is not healthy. Metaphorically and literally. I believe one of the greatest losses to our modern society is the respect for, and encouragement of, the philosopher.

We need philosophers, but we don’t encourage them in modern society.

We, in fact, discourage such ‘frivolous’ and ‘wasteful’ games of the mind. Positing and contemplation of alternate ways of being, different societal methods, options in everything we do… those things are not encouraged. It is a shame.

Therein I shall drive my figurative flag deep into the ground of this place, and claim this space for my own opinions, be they irrelevant, offensive or even insightful.

To begin, let me put forth one fact which will influence the tone of all I write:

“I believe that modern society, particularly modern American society, is a horribly unhealthy and broken beast.”

Alas, ranting about society (and all the ills and idiocy that it contains) is not my only interest nor shall it be the only topic of discussion here. I happen to be quite skillful in technology, having run WebsiteStyle.com for many many years, as well as previous technology endeavors before that. Occasionally I might discuss technology or security, or general frustrations with them. ‘

However, I expect that a decent amount of my writing my involve discussion of my genealogy research – of which I am quite fond. I’m also an avid fantasy gamer, and find myself immersed in the World of Warcraft, and excitedly awaiting Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am also ravenous for new foods, movies, books, and learning about different cultures. If not that, I may instead be contemplating environmental issues or out building the newest composting bin in the backyard.

Of course, if I’m not doing any of those things I’m probably doing research. On what? Who knows. It varies by the day. I’m a research hound. I must have been a librarian in a former life. I simply cannot help myself, I have to give in to research when a topic is foremost on my mind.

I am not a sensitive, affectionate or gentle person. “The pathway to my soul is through my mind.”

Enjoy your stay, get lost in the pages of my thoughts, start your own adventures, and discover what you didn’t know you had lost.

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