A Genealogy Wiki

I haven’t run a wiki in a long time. They’re kind of a headache, but for the purposes I’m after it might be just exactly what I need.

I am collecting so very much information on my family genealogy that having a good way to organize it is becoming a real serious necessity.

It was different when I had only six or seven generations and maybe 150 people. Then I could use a little online tree and with a little moving around I could see most everyone.

A tree more simple than mine.

Now the tree is looking more like 1,000 members and around 35 generations, and I’m feeling like I need more and more ways to organize everything.

Trees within trees and branches everywhere.

So I’m thinking about a Wikipedia-style wiki (technically the software is called MediaWiki) might help organize things in large family groups more easily. Unless I can come up with a better idea, that may be on my agenda for next year.

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