Finished Another Class

I took and passed the final exam for my AUO1 class yesterday. It was the first time I think I actually looked over some things before taking the exam. AUO1 is actually Concepts in Accounting and Information Systems. Basically a class that covered the fundamental basics of auditing and accounting information systems.

Exam Passed!


So for the tally on finishing this accounting degree… This month I’ve completed 2 courses (the start of my new term was September). I have 5 more classes left in my BS Accounting, including my capstone, all of which I plan to complete within 5 months or less (ideally less!). I’d really like to finish in 2011.

Of course, now I’m down to the harder classes in this degree. I mean, these are only bachelor level courses so I’ve been able to skip doing any coursework and just take the final exams or do the final projects on most of them, but the last few classes might actually require me to put in some study time.

Not that the classes are a cake-walk, they’re not. But the fact that I’m not a fresh-out-of-school novice helps. Over 10 years running a business, filing taxes, handling company accounting as well as personal taxes and accounting, etc… has already taught me what most of these courses include. I have to read a thing here or there that’s new content, but mostly it’s been things I already knew.

The masters program promises to present more challenges and loads of new information, and WGU is hoping to have the MS in Accounting ready for the new year. I’m looking forward to it.

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