Frustrating Misnomers

Hawley. Holley. Holly.

It’s a roadblock in the genealogical path I’m on. I have found so many people that could be the next missing link that I feel close to just closing my eyes, spinning around, and pointing at one. Not to mention, the most likely of all I accidentally deleted my saved sub-tree for so now I’m on the search again.

It is, I have to say, quite agitating when there are so many name variations for a single name. People who filled out old census records obviously couldn’t be bothered with proper spelling or even asking how it’s spelled. In fact, I’m pretty certain some of these people decided on how they felt it should be spelled, regardless of the actuality.

I have run across the same predicament in other situations, but not nearly so annoying as this time. When you’re researching it, you sort of begin to feel like you are navigating a mine-field of missteps and the path is very wobbly between them.

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