Where the time Goes

I suppose I always thought of myself as a ‘book-a-day’ reader, but it appears I’ve been misleading myself! Since I’ve been keeping track of it better recently, I’ve noticed I actually read about 1/3 less than I thought I did. It looks like it’s about 60 for this most recent quarter, which I’ll post later. Of course, I suppose I can console myself with the reminder that I don’t limit myself to reading books only, being rather voracious in regard to news blogs and general information sites.


Then again, I do neglect other things. For instance, I often am taking several courses in addition to my MBA graduate study. Just for fun I usually am enrolled in other stuff like Sandels Harvard Justice class (was very interesting), and Strangs MIT linear algebra and calculus (he’s an awesome math teacher) and unfortunately I tend to get put off doing things I should do (working on my MBA courses) for things I want to (like listening to courses I am actually interested in).

Of course, there are the guilty pleasures. Like my recent love affair with the Fringe series. That’s the up and downside of having Netflix – I can watch a series from beginning to end hour after hour after hour. I can condense years into weeks or months. So for the last month I’ve watched 100 episodes. Counting up all the running time, it looks like I have allocated about 84 hours to the goal of finishing that series… kind of crazy but I’m in love so who cares.

Of course, that doesn’t count the endless hours watching Frasier reruns with my daughter. Or hours playing World of Warcraft while also listening to audiobooks or radio shows. Or random plunges into research about whatever obscure bit of information caught my eye that day.

Ah well, at least I am never at a loss for something to do!

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