The sheet music for Carmen's Overture.

(In)sanity with a song

You have this song in your head. It’s making you absolutely insane because you cannot place it. You try humming it to people, hoping someone can help.

You try person after person, and continue to be met with the eye-widened stare of someone listening intently and failing to place the sound. (Note to self, further investigation is needed on why exactly some people open their eyes wide when listening intently for something familiar.)

This frenzied search for answers leads you to scrounge through old disks of varying types, cycle through music playlists, and randomly enter in ‘dum dum da dum’ variations into Google.

The sheet music for Carmen's Overture.
Carmen, Overture

To no avail, your search has only escalated the frustration and you try again, ask one more person.

Then you find them. The person who has your answer.

Ta dahhhhhh!

Suddenly your mind is able to relax, unwind, like a giant weight has just been removed from your entire body.

A relief so complete that you feel exhausted suddenly.

Tired from the ordeal that was recently taking place in your mind.

To my son, thank you for saving my sanity this morning by finding the name of the piece I couldn’t remember.

You can also listen to the ‘music-box’ version here that many people recognize.


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