The USA was NEVER a Democracy

This is one of my biggest irritations with the general population. I know it’s clearly an educational issue, but it drives me so completely insane to hear people saying it -all the time- and everywhere. It doesn’t seem to matter who is saying it, people off the street, news anchors, politicians, businessmen, teachers, they all get it wrong.

If you don’t believe me just ask yourself when the last time you heard someone on television talking about how we are such a great Republic. The presidential election period is probably the most news heavy period that exists every four years, do you remember anyone talking about a Constitutional Republic?

Remember saying the Pledge?

No? Me either. Very upsetting really when you consider the differences between the two.

I clearly see this as an education issue, so I went out and found a great little video clip from a movie called ‘Overview of America’ that I think provides an excellent and simplified summary of the differences between a Democracy and a Republic. If you don’t know why we are a Republic and not a Democracy, please watch this so you can both understand it and explain it to others.

But I know that there are some of you who may already know this, and wonder if I’m being dramatic about how clueless people are. Well I found this gem of a video that highlights the problem. Watch this one below next:

If you doubt that anyone you know would have as many problems as the people in the video, ask your siblings, parents, cousins, or scariest yet – ask your kids. If they think we have a Democracy, then maybe you can take some time to explain to them the difference.

For those who want a much more in depth understanding, this page has some good discussion.

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  1. What a great explanatory video. Thanks for linking it and for your great article. It’s sad that we handed over our schools to the government and so we are force fed whatever the oligarchy wants. 12 years of government school and I was never taught the truth.

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