Today is Homemade Bread Day

According to my strange holiday calendar, today is Homemade Bread Day. Well, I Loooooooove homemade bread. In fact, the only reason I don’t make it more often is that I would gain a hundred pounds in the first month. We all would. Any time we make homemade bread, everyone can smell it and comes rushing out to grab a hot slice right out of the over slathered with butter. Or maybe two slices, or three… and then poof! We need to make another loaf šŸ˜›

Well today is homemade bread day so I have an excuse to make bread and eat it today!

Yummmmm. From here.

I honestly wish we made more homemade bread for daily eating, but instead I shell out extra cash for bread with less chemical stuff in it. Sounds really stupid doesn’t it? I pay more so they won’t put as much stuff in my bread. Ah the world we live in. I still don’t understand why they have to put five different types of sugars in a normal loaf of sandwich bread. I understand why they put all the sulfates and preservatives in it, but our bread never lasts very long anyway so I would rather have those out too.

I periodically get on a ‘lets rebel against $2.75 a loaf bread and make our own’ kick but in the end it comes down to the fact that I can make the bread no problem, we can eat the bread with no problem, and then we have no more bread for actual meals and loads more carbs – not so good.

Today though, today I will make some bread with the kids.

In case you want to join me, here are some links to help you out.

Simple sandwich bread.

Easy beginners bread.

Basic French bread.

Perfect Dinner rolls.

Easy Potato bread (great use of leftover mashed potatoes).

Pumpkin bread (pumpkin is usually on sale this time of year).

Have fun!

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